The enchanted forest

Come on, follow us, we open the door to the place where we grow wonderful trees, that make Christmas beautiful.

It is our nursery in Mezzomerico (Novara). It covers about fifteen hectares of cultivation, and other small areas are distributed in the surroundings. Here on the foot of Monte Rosa, we grow four varieties of trees: Abies Nordmanniana, Picea excelsa, Picea Omorika and Picea Punges.

The economic importance of these cultivations give rise to many studies to optimize all stages of production: from the origin of the seeds to the harvest of plants ready for use.

The different areas of origin of seeds define shape and growth of the future plant. In order to choose which provenances of seed are suitable to the climatic and soil conditions of our fields, our company has conducted an experimental study, carried out together with the University of Wien, in which we tested the form and development of plants originated from 20 different areas seeds.