Christmas in Varallo Sesia

Imagine a pretty town nestled in the Piedmontese Alps. You should know that this year, they have decided to rely on us to create the installations that decorate the streets and squares.

The main square of Varallo, dominated by the Collegiate Church of San Gaudenzio, considered one of the symbols of the city. To enhance this place we decided to bring a large live Christmas tree, decorated with warm LED lights, red balls and a touch of white. The live tree rests on a mantle of branches of Abies Nordmanniana that recreate a lovely flower bed. What you probably don’t know is that these branches come from the pruning of plants grown in our fields.
Not far away, we can see two cute squirrels intent on looking for acorns, surrounded by a graceful wood of white birch trees. The animals, illuminated by LED lights, were one of the novelties of Christmas 2020.
Continuing and going into the main street, we meet another Christmas tree. But we don’t have to stop, because on the bridge just beyond there is a nice surprise: two reindeer. The contrast between the warm and cold lights of the trees placed near them creates a truly unique atmosphere, an installation not to be missed!

At the end of the Christmas period, the trees will return to our nurseries where they will be undressed, cared for and watered until the following Christmas.