A walk to discover Novara’s Christmas

You read correctly, to discover the Christmas 2018 of Novara you had to visit the streets of the city center and get lost in its history and its shops. Various realities have chosen our live Christmas trees, customizing them choosing the charm of the balls with your logo.
Some activities have decided to embellish their stores with , an excellent alternative if you have little space and if you want an elegant setting that embellishes the exterior. In Piazza Matteotti instead you have had the opportunity to walk under a white dome in woven willow. From a distance it looks like a big ball of snow, getting closer to it, it is left shrouded by its elegance.
One of the most magical points, however, was the Broletto, a medieval complex made up of buildings built in different eras with non-homogeneous artistic styles. It is a very well-kept courtyard that has always been the center of town life. To enhance its natural charm we installed a large, bright star at its center, a guide for the traveler.
The Castello Visconteo-Sforzesco instead wanted to inaugurate a tradition: the tree placed in front of the entrance was the same as the previous year. As you well know, we have a profound respect for plants. Our goal is to make them live as long as possible and to know that the desire to always welcome the same plant is born in you makes us really proud.
If you want to find out more you can visit www.ilnataledizenone.com