A tunnel of light for the Broletto Novara

Come with us, we want to take you to visit the Broletto di Novara, a medieval architectural complex consisting of four historic buildings built in different eras, with different artistic styles that are not consistent with each other, arranged in a quadrilateral around the courtyard.

For this Christmas, we have thought of an immersive installation, which is part of the Broletto: a long luminous tunnel of willow. To make it, we modified the technique with which we create the willow domes, thus managing to obtain this structure.
At the two ends, to welcome the visitor, four Nordmanniana Abies decorated in white. On the ground some poems by Gianni Rodari.
You are amazed by the brightness of this installation, admire the live Christmas trees and then walk around reading and getting lost in the words of a great author.

A magical place, where light is the mistress of the house and Rodari’s words lull the imagination.