A Christmas tree for friend

Imagine you are in Piazza Ducale in Vigevano (PV), one of the most beautiful squares in Italy. In the middle, you notice a large Christmas Tree with golden lights, red balls to remember the colors of this magical period and balls in white raffia to remember the snow.
You stop at its base and look up at the sky: it is truly majestic.
At a certain point, you hear the calm voice of a man. A grandfather emerges from behind the Abies Nordmannia with a child of about four years old. The child turns to the illuminated Tree and stops spellbound. Grandpa looks at him, smiles and says “You know, this tree is not like the others, it is alive. It will remain here in Vigevano up to the Befana, then it will go back home where some gentlemen will take care of it. Maybe next year it will come back to celebrate Christmas with us!”.

These are the fairy tales we love to hear, often reality surpasses imagination. The story you read is not the result of our imagination but it is a fact that happened.