Design and Christmas trees, in Piedmont

Come with us to Casale Monferrato, a pretty town in the province of Alessandria, in Piedmont. You should know that in the 21st century Casale, located within the Turin-Genoa-Milan industrial triangle, was an important industrial center known for its cement production. Today it is called the “Cold capital” as it is the seat of the major Italian industries in the cold sector. ​

Its city center is a labyrinth of narrow streets dotted with shops whose fulcrum is in Piazza Mazzini (also called Piazza del Cavallo). In this place you can admire a particular Christmas tree: it is a tree composed of spheres, with a modern design. The spherical Christmas tree is elegant, minimalist and does not renounce tradition. At its base, lying on a bed of branches, there is a crown of luminous spheres.