Our farm has born in 1980 in Mezzomerico, in Novara countryside (north of Italy).
Our nurseries are specialized in the production of Christmas trees Abies Nordmanniana, in big dimensions too. Beside the nurseries, during the years, we have developed other two areas related to Christmas: the production of wreaths and natural decorations and the realization of Christmas arrangements in big public or private areas.
Cultivation is entirely located on the hills around Mezzomerico and affecting a total area of 25 ha. The production undergone many changes over the years for the evolution of cultivation techniques and for the species used: the traditional productions of spruces, the classic and most popular Christmas tree, has gradually switched to Abies nordmanniana also called Caucasian fir for its area of origin.
The choice of using this species is due to the fact that for its morphological and botanical characteristics, it is more suitable to be used as a Christmas tree.