A special Christmas for Mezzomerico

Mezzomerico is a pretty village in the province of Novara. Our company is based here, in a place surrounded by greenery, fields and from where you can admire the majestic Monte Rosa.

Every year we try to make the Christmas period special. For Christmas 2020 we have placed four installations in different points of Mezzomerico:
1- To welcome people in front of the municipality: a reindeer in golden tones flanked by two live Christmas trees in pots. The reindeer was one of the novelties presented for 2020.
2- An elegant triad in the village. Three luminous spheres lying on a bed of branches of Abies Nordmanniana. The branches come from the pruning of the trees in our fields. A way to do good to live plants and not waste anything in full respect of the trees.
3- In the newly built residential area, we decided to arrange a cone inserted in a luminous sphere. The warm tones and red have recreated the magic of Christmas.
4- Next to our company, the traffic circle decorated with white birch trees, blue balls, stars on the ground.
5- A thought for the church: a woven wreath and two hand-woven willow cones brightened up the entrance, recreating the right atmosphere.

Light, respect for trees and nature, the awareness of wanting to arouse emotions and involve people. Ingredients that allow us to continue to search, study, experiment and innovate.